Important options missing and other details

Career Mode
I noticed that when starting a new career mode their ranking is mostly based on their overall so its not possible to start a career as a real player and start in the 100s or 200s rank and grind up to world #1. So no possibility to do a Nadal 2024 scenario or Nishikori or even Paire and grind up their attributes throughout their career since based on their overall their are already top 60.
The solution would be to unlock the the option to edit real player attributes

Player trait
Devs took the right decision by removing adrenaline shot but the players still needs something to differentiate them from each other.
So my idea is to give each player 1 or 2 traits. A trait would be a specific tendency that each player have IRL instead of attributes boost or special abilities that are not realistic at all that other tennis games had. That would be also a great addition for created player career mode since we would have to achieve specific goals to develop some trait.

Here some example of trait:

  • Usage of underhand serve when the returner is far behind his baseline(Kyrgios, Moutet, Bublik)
  • Usage of sliding shots even on hard court(Djokovic, Monfils, Sinner, Alcaraz, Medvedev…)
  • Usage of jumping forehand on powerful winner (Kyrgios, Monfils, Tommy Paul, Fritz, Kachanov)
  • Injury proness or durability(Murray, Nishikori, Nadal, Sinner, Monfils, Andreescu…)
  • Standing far behind on serve returns (Medvedev, Ruud, Nadal, Thiem…)
  • Usage of kick serve or slice serve even on first serves (Nadal, Djokovic, Sinner, Nishioka…)

Gameplay sliders
Since we all play differently and have different preferences gameplay wise its impossible to satisfy the majority of players. Gameplay sliders would help to make the game enjoyable for sim players AND arcade players. It should be a priority

Alternative outfits
Since there is no possibilty to add more outfits for real player in creation mode, every player should have at least 4 differents outfit each(excluding all white Wimbledon). I understand that it would take a lot of work and more cost for brand licensing so my idea would be to add them as post-launch dlc to help fund post launch updates and server etc… That way people who dont care about that feature dont have to pay.

Details that needs to be fix

  • Ball needs to be brighter. I hate to play with ball trail ON but the ball color is too tern so its hard to see the ball on some venues especially on clay
  • The serve speed on the clock disappears too fast. it should stay throughout the whole point(Irl it is that way because the flashing of it disappearing would disrupt the player at the beginning of the point)
  • Option to disable zooming on serves
  • Medvedev’s model
  • Net physics

If I forgot something that need to be fix or any other example of traits go ahead and post it below


For the career, it seems to me that when the game is released, we’ll be able to play with our created character and start at the very bottom of the ranking = 1000

I know that, I specified career with a real player. Example u wanna play as Nishikori but wanna start in the 250-350 like he was ranked before Roland-Garros its not possible because his overall is already too high and also there will be not much attribute upgrade to be made so less interest

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Hes not the most popular on tour so idk if anyone else noticed but Norrie signature forehand is missing, he should wind up his shot a lot more

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