Improved commentary

A cricket game cannot be good enough without a good commentary.there are some important things that really needs to be fixed.

Commentators reacts after 5seconds when a team wins the match even in CRICKET 22.

When batting side needs 50runs in last over, even in this situation commentators praises the batting side.

If EA sports can fix it then BigAnt studios can also make the commentary real-time.
Real time commentary is one of the strongest selling point of EA’s Fifa.


They should try get the commentators to record while two people are actually playing the game so it can sound more natural. Otherwise it just sounds like they’re reading a script, it’s so robotic. Especially for the T20 format


Exactly. I suggest BigAnt should follow Fifa format in this. In Cricket 22, they already gave us more than 4 commentators, that’s great! But instead of having an option to select them manually, they could just make fixed pairs of two. And just fix them separately for T20, ODI, or TEST. That way, they would all have their own script suitable for each format. Also like Fifa, they could have 1 commentator focusing on the tactical aspects about Cricket and player tactics/strategies, weather, pitch, etc. during the gameplay and the other commentator should be there as a supporter. That would be great!
@JNT_BA @BigAntStudios @RossSymons please look into it deeper.

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Exactly like if you remember the commentry in

Ashes09 pc game

was best according to me with

  • Tony Greg
  • Shane Warne
  • Ian Bishop and more.

:dart:Best part was in between during the gameplay commentators used to interact with each other as well regarding their own career and what it’s feel like to be a cricketer.

:round_pushpin:Teaching the players basics of cricket in between gameplay.

It was beautifully crafted.