Suggestion for a Better and Alive Commentary

@JNT_BA @BigAntStudios @RossSymons please look into it deeper. We have Huge Expectations for Cricket 24 Big Ant! And we support you! Good luck to the team!

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I believe this would also be easier for developers to build accuracy in commentary according to the situations of the gameplay. They could focus on each game format with a slightly different commentary mood/tone. For example, during Test Matches, the commentators should take with a slight low and calm voice, and have a smooth normal conversation with other commentator during the game. And even during breaks, they could easily script it to switch with different commentators.
For T20, the commentators should talk more excitingly and energetic. For ODI, it could be neutral. In between the match, they could be calm, but during the death overs, they should build the intensity to the players with their high energetic voice.


Absolutely right…BigAnt developers needs to focus more on commentary.
You guys are doing a great job by improving the gameplay and graphics and the whole community is supporting Bigant studios but you need to realise this fact that any sports game cannot be good enough without an acurate commentary.

If EA sports Fifa23 can fix all the commentary related issues then Bigant can also do it.


And it was done in cricket also 14 years back for Ashes09 pc game