Improvement and Requirements PART 3

** PART 3 from Myself for Requirements in Game

It’s a List With reference Image attached

  1. It’s a version of Late shot used to Tap down to third man region played under the eye by the batsman OR its often called it as run it down to the third man region in the field set

Image Reference for the shot


  1. The Cutscenes After the Grounds man taking the cover off or before the match ground men making the ground ready
    Or cleaning the dew from the ground Cutscenes the machines used

Image Reference of the machines cut scenes Needed

images (4)
images (3)
images (2)

  1. Captain Declaring the innings of the test match calling off players off the ground

Its should be custom we can use it any format for declaration of innings the Cutscenes to be showed
Declare option should be there in every match type every format of the game

Image Reference of signal by captain declaring the innings to call off player off the ground

images (2)
images (1)

  1. Player Injured system Should be there the player should leaving the ground with Cutscenes along with it.
    Substitute fielder coming to field

And player ruled out system also should be there between the match and concussion substitute coming into game with Cutscenes required

Both injury system should be in there in career mode & competition mode and tour mode for self player and the squad players should be there
With Cutscenes should be there

Physio Coming to the ground and doing treatment the player for minor injuries or after Batsman hits by ball in the body parts or by bouncers ball in the head

Physio Coming and treating the player Cutscenes reference image

  1. The Glitch after the ball is directly hitted to the stumps after played straight shot
    We can’t run if there is a run also

But Incase of AI does the same they can take run

The Problem was there in Both Cricket 19 and 22

The Glitch or Problem that should be Solved Now Onwards

  1. At the Starting of the match The Squad Playing XI should be shown Like this

Image Reference

  1. When the Batsman taking into the ground
    When the two openers coming to bat
    The career stats shoulds be shown like this with Playface attached

first the striker batsman and when the other batsman takes the strike show the same for him

And after fall of wicket a new batsmen comes to bat show the same also for him

And for the bowler career stats Show the same

Just Include Age of the batsman according to the biodata for both Batsman and bowler

It’s should be for both the teams

  1. This is the one of the beautiful scorecard Design and add few more from your side

And scorecard should be choose able for every format we play we can change and edit our scorecard Design this is the one of the scorecard

How every things going to look

*Just the scenery is going to change for a single match according to the stadium country climate Time etc etc.

The target set by the Team should look like this

  • The after the inning by inning show this design
    For batting stats bowling stats overall stats extras
    Etc etc.

  • The Scoreboard should look like this

  • There Should be innings sixes & fours countdown between the match and tournament sixes & four countdown in between every match in each & every boundaries

The design should be like this

  • Before the match Begins there should be a countdown in a sky drone above the stadium In each and every match type every format

The image Reference and it should be like this

  • In every Match especially in semifinals finals knockouts game in each match type every format

The umpire and players should be coming like this
With the trophy set on a table and Fireworks aside cheers leaders dancing the batsman players and umpire walking over a red carpet and coming into the ground

The image Reference just a single valuable reference image found
But I hope u understand what I want to convey

Image Reference

  1. Before the match starts while going into ground and in After the first innings when the target is set on the board the opponent team players making a circle standing hands over hands over shoulder
    Making discussion strategy the captains wicketkeepers even a coach mentor coming up there and saying plans to the team players

In both the innings of the game each match type every format the Cutscenes needed

In the first innings if a player making a debut the debut cap should be handover here only the Cutscenes is must need

Image Reference

images (3)

  1. In Career mode there should be we can change our signed contract for each and every team we signed
    It’s annoying to play for single team each and every season for a single team in a each and every seasons of tournament
  • We can also play Custom created matches in career mode too
    Implementation needed in career mode

  • Add 16 International teams to career mode hub
    Bczz it’s now 12 teams in real international matches with association nations joins international and so something out of box should be in career mode

  • Add INDIA TOUR OF PAKISTAN & PAKISTAN TOUR OF INDIA MATCHES There should be tours of Both India and Pakistan with each and every match type and formats even they can get selected and play INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE IPL
    because we play PSL IN career mode

  • There should be Tours with every 16 Teams in career mode with each match type and every format of the game

    • There should be more Stadium Stands and ropes and behind the ropes Ad boards logos section in addition
  • There should be more Pitch Ad board logos section

  • Add Board Section in offside and legside of the pitch
    Not only in straight and behind the wicket keeper

  • And The column should be different for each column we can select single for each single column of the ad board

Hope u understand what I want to say

  1. India team Captain Star Batsmen Rohit Sharma Front Foot hook and pull shot to be included in the shots of the game
    And proper shot Maping implementation should be done


images (6)
images (5)
images (4)
images (3)
images (2)

  1. Ravindra Jadeja Sword Rotating bat celebration

Image Reference

images (1)

  1. One more time the game should also playable smoothly in both high end graphics settings and low end settings in both for low end PC’s laptops and PlayStation huge huge kind Request

Because everyone can’t afford High end Systems

It will helps you in marketing more and
Fans base will grow more

If Everything should be done what the expectation and hardwork we do while writing the books of requirements we need

We will be Ever Grateful and Thankful to Team Bigants and co members for making a legendary version of game of the decade or maybe century

Hope u will not make us Sad unhappy

Hope u are Punctual on Time according to the commitment




  • Add Bowling Action of Ishant Sharma , Mohit Sharma, Debasish Mohanty , Hardik Pandya , T Natrajan, Murugan Ashwin, Thisara Perera , S. Sreesanth, Keemar Roach , Jason Holder , Roston Chase , Yuzi Chahal , Kuldeep Yadav, Rohit Sharma , Yasir Shah , Shoaib Malik , Mohammed Hafeez , Tymal Mills, Sohail Tanvir , Mustafizur Rahman, Taskin Ahmed, Mohammed Amir, Wahab Riaz , Mohammed Irfan , Umar Gul, Adil Rashid , Rubel Hosein, Alzari Joseph , Shanon Gabriel, Tabraiz Shamsi , Liam Livingstone both Legspin and OffSpin action in one action as a Mystery Spinner Action

  • Add Cross batted Back Foot and Front foot pull hook shot over Straight and Mid off and mid on region for boundary for both sixes and fours like Andre Russell, Ab De Villiers , Virat Kohli…
    Should be 100%. Implementation needed in the game.

  • Update Team Squad Player Members of Team Consisting of 60 Players Bczz 35 total players is not enough for Team So make it to 60

  • And add a Like Dislike Subscribe & Comment box panel along with rating in Creator Community so any can Subscribe Like Dislike rate and comment the creators Creation so everyone one comes to know the Actual Best Teams Stadiums Logos .

  • And remove Bugs glitches from the creator & even make it more better very superfast like 5g even 10g Internet and make it more better good looking eye catching designs Community tab it’s full ton of glitches in both C19 and C22 …like for example Slow Community bugs like session Timeouts, doesn’t Comes Properly , Loading Error ,The Bigants studios server not available etc etc.
    Fix it properly with 1000% Perfection and Performance.

  • When we create and enter a Tour Mode Competition Mode We can change or add up anything Players Squads Add up Jerseys
    We can’t Change bat and kits Jersey names number etc . Nothing anything we can change
    So please fix it for sure

  • Add Aeroplane and Helicopter flying and Train going outside the Stadium and ships Sailing in the sea nearer stadiums Cutscenes showing them properly as a Cutscenes of them


Add Bowling Action of Mark Wood , Liam Plunkett, Wayne Parnell, Jake Ball , Cameron Boyce, Adam Zampa, Nathan Coulter Nile , Mitchell Johnson , Brett Lee, Glenn McGrath, Mohammed Asif, Asthon Agar , D archy Short , Matt Parkinson, Olie Robinson, Chris Woakes, David Willey , Reece Topley , Brydon Carse

  • Make editable County Teams with all three formats kits with team logos which can be changable and editable

  • Update Sheffield Shield Tournament Jerseys Kits
    And make it editable and changeable

  • Make Staright Bat Loft and Down the Grounds shots for every Batsman of each and every Style categories batsman play the station with perfection elegance with Perfection footwork Ballance especially batting style no.6 and add new batting style with Perfection no glitches

  • Add system of open and closing of Australia Melbourne Dockland Cricket Stadium licensed stadium and give a Cutscenes of closing the roof roof and of rain both

  • Add Cutscenes outside and inner tour Cutscenes of every stadium before match

There should be public Crowd and traffic cars buses coming and parked Cutscenes shown
Between the matches Zoom and show the cars buses in the park zone inside the stadium…

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@JNT_BA Can we get a cutscene with the camera man boredly focusing on some blond in the crowd.
Is there a Beersnake cutscene in the offing?
I’d love to see the ground staff trying to run with the hessian and the tarp and you lose one underneath.


Will @Chuckinho you will also be available for Cricket 24 academy creation for kits,face etc

Maybe, Time will tell.

Any update when the gameplay teaser will drop or just wait till 5 oct @Chuckinho

I would have thought that for any Cricket traditionalist, the concept of waiting patiently would be second nature. :wink:
For those with a more 20/20 mentality, good luck.

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We need a cutscene when the ground staff get the roller out and one where they bash the ground with the sledgehammer. If the ground staff looked like Thor, that would be even better.

In Cricket 22 Bowling Animations were very good it feeled liked real bowling but the batting was average it was like robot hitting (but some of the shots very good) they should add batting animations with full fluidity as batters back foot also moving if we can see good batting animations in Real Cricket 22 and Dream Cricket 24 than why not in Cricket 24, what’s your opinion @Chuckinho @Kap_Cha_42 make a brief Discussion on it.

Yes dear, thing is what we have seen till now was remarkable during c22 if we compare it with past cricket games BigAntStudios did really great work but as the cricket evolving so much with time short formats unorthodox shots which is somehow beautifying this sport should also be included in virtual replica as well in the form of games and am sure like BigAnt Studios surprised us with launch of cricket 22 including

*New Game Mechanics
*player phyisque models and also
*Bowling animations.

Lightens up the ray of Hope that Studios is actually getting in depth to make cricket game better n better though it will take time as we almost keep comparing with other sport games of Football, Baseball, etc we should also remember that it took time for those developers as well

(Fort is not built Overnight) ----------

We should be really hopeful towards BigAnt Studios they do actually listen us but how deeply they think about the ideas and stuff presenting to them through this Forum is Lil bit wrapped in time capsule,
And we should also be thankful to this incredible work from @JNT_BA who made these long time awaited forums active again atleast to put all our raw ideas and must have necessary features being added day by day to our Ultimate Cricket Sensation Game :video_game: Cricket 24

Opinion is pretty clear I don’t think that BigAnt Studios gonna disappoint us, personally me is very excited &

Looking forward to grab the 1st copy this time also like the last one in steam PC :grin:

Definitely hoping we will be upgrading from the last title with bunch of elements that we didn’t see in c22 this time they will be revealed,

+Ve is : Studios took 3-4 extra months for reasons World Cup is on the list actually :dart:

It will be a Rollercoaster feel to have C24 during the time of World Cup 23 :cricket_bat_and_ball: