Improvements for the early Access 7

Please make AI on expert mode much harder to beat, otherwise if not, in full release career mode will be rubbish as it will to easy to win, Please make AI harder on expert, better serving for ai and more aces for ai, more powerful shots for ai, more winners for ai, ai making less mistakes on shots that are easy to win for ai.


Another question that I add to the main post of improvements and suggestions:

Improve the physics of the ball in slices and lobs, I think that is where the problem of this game is right now, the animation of the slice and the physics of the ball after the slice hit, the rest when sinner makes his service and that ball comes out is very real, until they make the cut

In Early Access 5, the game was too difficult and the AI ​​was hitting all the balls and there were many people who complained about this.

In Early Access 6, they fixed this issue, but instead of balancing it, they now made it too easy even on higher difficulties.

Is it possible to balance this?
Let’s hope they find a balanced difficulty and fix it in the next update.


I hope they will fix that before Update 7.

Its really important, we win all matchs 6-0 in Expert mode.

They fixes defense Ai and its good work but they need to give Ai more avressiv shots, serv.

They never do powerfull flat shot, its so easy for us to sprint on all balls.

If they give Power shot to Ai, that will good balance i think


Fix slice backhand and forhand animation . Does not look good


Yes, this should be solved before access 7 since it very negatively affects the gameplay and this makes the user get bored and stop playing. @JNT_BA

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I can not play it bacause I only have old mac and consoles so I am waiting for console release, so I can not write proper suggestions. but I’ve seen a lot of videos and I haven’t seen any winner (played by human user) down the line, all of them are cross court. Also I can comment on animations. Some of them are great, some especialy backhand slices are really bad (i know you can do better big ant). Also reaching the ball in the last moment is better than it was before, but there is only one forehand and one backhand animation. Would be nice to have some variety. Looking foreward and hope I can try it soon.

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Is there any way you can comment on the higher difficulties being far too easy now and if the team will hopefully correct this? Its actually a huge issue and has already stopped my playing as there is just no challenge on expert. I am seeing a lot of people raising this as an issue at the moment.


The meteor trail that you mentioned can be turned off in options.

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Thanks for this! We were looking at what may have been happening to cause such a drastic difference between the ball with and without trail and the glows certainly were unequal. Were going to keep playing around with this to try make sure the ball has more balance to make sure you can see it. This should go out with the next update.

Will something be done to optimize the user version of Steam Deck? You know, flashing lines, graphic options are not saved when exiting, etc. @JNT_BA

No problem, Also I forgot to mention, are tweeners gonna be added later? We cant get a real tennis game without tweeners

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I don’t know if this has already been mentioned ? please:

Remove this ridiculous small jumps on the stop of the players after each completed point, it’s really ridiculous, you never see that in a match…


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Thank you for adding backhand slides and forehands with which you can perform passing shots and forward slides also with a sharp slice going up to the volley because the balls are soft when sliding back and forth thanks you.



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What is making it annoying? I see that opinion often, but it’s barely notice it in the game and the zoom is so minor that it hardly makes a difference (for me).

I meant, the footwork at a standstill

WTA 250 Rabat is missing. Will it be soon in the game ?