Inclusion of unlicenced championship

GoTBy (ex Italeo48)

Hello BA team, i know is extra work but in the full release can we have included all the biggest championship that are not gonna be licended included in the game?
We know JRL1 isn’t licensed but would be great if it’s in the game (as a fake) any way.
Thinking about MLR, Super Rugby Americas… any other major championship.

Rugby is world wide and it’s becoming big, would be great.

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Hopefully Big Ants well known creation tools and the community that develops around this game will have your back there mate.

You are right though, perhaps a fake competition that already has the structure that we could then just edit the teams to the likenesses we wanted would be ideal.

Or in the very least a competition builder that could replicate any format for competitions that were not included.

Yeah, what i meant is to be able to play on carrer mode even in this championship.
So adding depth to the game.

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Ah, that important part wasn’t in your first description :rofl:

Got you.

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I’m hoping someone’s able to create the Super Rygbi Cymru league for a Welsh career. North Wales needs representation

If you can find anyone who doesn’t have a job … has nerves of steel … has a will to please everyone else before themselves … and is sadistic enough to use the in game logo creator at length … you may … just may get your wish.

But it is more likely they die from old age using the in game logo creator competently before you get a whole competition.

I have started practicing to try to make legible logos using the Rugby League Live 4 logo creator and …

BIG ANT … FOR THE LIFE OF BRIAN … Please please please please can we at least get like the BackBreaker creator tool version whereby it has many pre made shapes (That are not just a bunch of points in one size that is impossible to move) … or better yet a PNG importer. Please please please sweet little baby jesus. I don’t feel I should need a degree to use a game tool :sob:

That’s where the PC community come in. If you check the Cricket 22/24 academies with their creations for the current T20 World Cup, it’s amazing the talent creators have.

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Yes yes I have heard this argument so many times before. I have seen all of the cricket and league creations, AFL ones too. But fact is it isn’t enough. Maybe they do new kits for the big comps and big missing comps. They will not do all the teams you want. They will not do all the teams I want.

I feel the tool should be far more accessible so it is actually fit for purpose for anyone who pays money for the game. Not so you have to go into communities and pray parts are in there that you sort of want.

I know from discussions I am definitely not alone in this as well.

Edit: I hope for you though that a talented person does help you with the Welsh competition you are wanting :slightly_smiling_face:

It remains to be seen definitely. In the past Big Ant released the creation tools for free on Steam but that seems to have stopped. I’ll be buying the game once Early Access is released (and maybe double dipping) so while I can’t produce kits, I can check the tools out and share logos for other creators

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I was hoping to see the creation tools earlier too tbf. Like you I will be getting console and PC versions. I think I can competently do most things I want myself, but there will be pain in doing so :rofl:

I have seen a few people ask about the Welsh competitions though so I think you’ll be lucky with your wishes :pray: