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The game is full of them when you play the tournament mode….

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I played the game yesterday, it was %100 better than pre this patch! I actually didn’t notice that until i played it, it improved from all aspects! The animations, the serve, players movements, unforced errors, baseline rallies, from all aspects except for volley at the net, players at the net they hit the ball like if they were from behind the baseline and not like if they were at the net! This is the only downside in the game, other than that, it is all good, i don’t know what other players are talking about !!! so please big ant if you see my comment just improve player’s vollies at the net other than that, the game is amazing for me personally


The recent February 7 update added a huge problem that didn’t exist before : THE IA IS NEVER SERV DOWN THE T

And it doesn’t matter what difficulty mode you’re on. You can see for yourself, just give it a try.

Please Fix that quick. We cant play if we Know where IA serv 100%. Always same side.


Hi folks

I have tested the new patch for TieBreak.

I think the game goes to the right direction but there are a lot of corrections to add to enhanced the gameplay

  • Now, AI always serves in the opposite corner, it’s make the game very predictable and too easy to return the service, even on Expert difficulty.

  • Before the patch, AI often played the next shot on the same corner than our player. Now it’s often left to right, etc… It’s make the game not enough surprising to play, even on expert difficulty.

-I like the serve variety for our player but I haven’t made only one ace in 20 hours, AI is always able to return it, even when I served a craker on the line at 240 km/h. It 's not realistic.

  • The animations are better than itsTWT2 or AO Tennis 2, but some forehands are stranged and have not enought details in the animations.

  • When you play at the net, the mouvements are the same than on the baseline : I have never seen a player to make a volley with two hands. Please fixed it please.

-Hawk eye is not in the game and I love used this now since AO tennis 2.

  • Stamina is not on the game too and it’s really important for career mode.

In my 20 hours of gameplay, I have a lot of fun but some animations are killing this feeling sometimes.

You have added some new clothes, very nice addition, thank you.

I really appreciate this game for now even if it needs a lots of work on animations and AI.

I’m a offline player so AI has to be nice to see some real clear level difference between all the player.

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I have just tested the February 12 update and unfortunately the IA continues to serve 100% on the same side since the February 7 update. This hasn’t been corrected and it’s really affecting my desire to play because it takes me completely out of the match when I know in advance where the ia is going to throw the ball.

Please listen to feedback and fix this quickly before adding new mechanics.

The game can really become excellent if all the AI problems are corrected FIRST.

you can Add all atp and WTA players but if the iA doesn’t behave well, for me it’s useless. I can’t play a tennis match if I’m already anticipating all my opponent’s shots…

And you need to add stamina, the ia on hight difficulty can run all time, they are on all balls. Its so frustrating.

I think about career mode, need stamina in tennis game.


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What needs to be added:

Playstyles - I dont know why this wasnt included in the previous games, but adding playing styles to players such as all court player, counter puncher & aggressive baseliner must be included!

Space for logos - one main issue is the game limiting the amount of players/logos in the academy. please maximise this as having a large library of former & current players is one of the best features for tennis fanatics.

Injuries/Stamina - include fatigue of players & the ability for players to get injured during matches.

Traits - perhaps adding traits to players such as “drop shot specialist”, “serving specialist” etc would be a good addition.

Replicate Djokovic’s groundstroke & serving styles under “smooth” & Federer’s under elegant, just like in AO2.

Weather - include rain/overcast/dynamic modes. show the tarp being put on by the ball boys/girls & the surface responding differently once its been rained on.

Challenges on clay - some tournaments don’t have the hawk eye system such as Rome Masters 1000. when a player challenges, i would like to see the umpire come down from the chair & inspect the ball mark with the player. this would be nice but not a absolute necessary for the game.

Logo creation - make it easier & user friendly to create real life player uniforms. way too difficult to use in AO2

@JNT_BA , can you explain what “balanced reflex stroke power” does in the latest update?


This is a great question. One thing we noticed with lots of videos, some feedback, and in our own testing was that reflex shots… were just not responding like we would have liked. While the shot itself is a last-second response shot and shouldn’t be perfect by any means, we noticed that there was a higher chance of getting net with a reflex. So we had changed slightly how it works and we were happy with how they were performing so we wanted to push that change out to see how they feel to everyone to be less punishing. So they will have a better clearance rate of the net but that’s not to say they are perfect and will never hit them.

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Like others, I’m seeing the game take a while to save an active match. I assumed it was just that the game hadn’t been optimized yet, but today I had an instance where it took several minutes to save a match. It looked at first like the game just froze.

I haven’t seen this mentioned myself. If you can reach out to the support team they want to get some details from you so they can look into this!

You need to make a big effort on artificial intelligence.
The opponent does not play tactically, he only alternates between left and right. You can play with eyes closed.

The players are not stable enough. when positioning, they move from left to right too quickly. Their movements should be less “shaky”

You guys said there will be new players added during this month, when you gonna release the new update with the new players ?!

As the next update will be the largest we’ve done so far, with the addition of the first wave of the academy, it means it will come when it’s ready and tested and we’re comfortable with it. While it is coming to the end of the month it’s not like today is the very last day and needs to be right now!! But it will be released when we can be certain it makes the game even better and it is at the best state it could possibly be for the early access community.


So…you gonna release it at the end of this month ?

For the moment I prefer playing AOT2 instead Tiebreak. Why is not possible to take the gameplay code of AOT2 and improve it?
I play with this setting and seriously the game feels so good.
Juste take it and add more animations for each players.
So sad to see what you are doing with this ATP license :smiling_face_with_tear:

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This right here man. I don’t get it either. Why not just take AO2 right where it was at and go uphill.

This release is a lie. It’s not better than the last TWT2 and AO2 combined.

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For me the make like other tennis games. There are not working on tiebreak since 2 years, they begin in 2024! It’s not possible otherwise.
Before the beta testers were paying for testing games, with BigAnt, we pay to test the game and do the work for them! It’s a shame.
All the feedbacks are the same than for Twt/Twt2/AOT/AOT2.
At least for the first day of the early access, the game should have been as good as the previous ones

I have played many matches during my near 40 hours of gameplay on Tiebreak.

I have played to Ao tennis 2 and Tennis World Tour 2 after some games on TieBreak.

The animations on TieBreak are clearly better. Not perfect but going to the right direction.

I have seing some slinding animations on clay, some nice animations behind the line.

But the big issue for now is playing foreward to the net : the animations are the same than behind the line, it’s not realist at all. I want to see some volley and a nice touch like players did.

I’ve seen some strange teleportations too because of a lack of transitions between some animations. The mouvements of our player are sometime stranges and didn’t worked well. It is going forward even when we have didn’t touch our pad…

Maybe the really big issue is the AI. The server always strikes on the opposite corner with no variation. And most of the exchanges are left to right, etc…

AI on AO tennis 2 and Tennis World Tour 2 were far better and more challenging.

Too many balls are going to the net even if the timing was great.

But I have some really nice fun to play but the game has a lot of potential.

The graphism are great but I have a ghost shadow beside my player. Not when I’m playing on my Asus Rog Ally.

Stamina, Hawk eye and more players should be soon available, I hope.

It’ s a good alternativ game to Top Spin 4, waiting for Top Spin 2K25.

I love the service feeling with the striggers.

With more progress on animations, the net game, variety on AI, the game could be a really nice game. Don’t copy Top Spin, still keep your own proper personnalty

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It’s in early access……why are we comparing fully released games to games that aren’t even finished yet?

I agree with Fifa-man

If they work on all issu he mentioned, especially “Ai”, the game will be great.

I hope dev will do that. The game have big potential.