Tiebreak EA - Megathread

I’ve been really enjoying the streams and chat from everywhere so far.

Some things I’ve noticed so far. Not many have been doing the tutorials, which I get they’re tutorials. There is a new movement mechanic we’ve added to this one which involves the use of the Left and Right Triggers. While I recommend doing all the tutorials, I suggest getting up to the tutorial called Preparation.

This will give a better idea of what we are going for in terms of movement. Some of the streamers and others in the community are not aware of this and we’ve already begun working on ways to better indicate this in a match to get that more direct feedback.

Some streamers on lower-end machines have been turning off shadows to get better performance, and I have seen some comments about how there are no shadows, there are certainly shadows.

For those who have given it a go. Please let us know what you did and didn’t like here.

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How to do a top spin serve? In AO you used the B button. In this Game the B button is not active.

Great question!

In this case, it would be called the Kick Serve which you will be able to get when scrolling through serve types with the triggers before you initiate the serve animation with A. The best tutorial for this would be “Serve Types” I’ll have a chat with the Tennis team and see what we can do to make this a little more fluid.

Thanks. Yes, I’ve seen the serve types triggers. I should have realised the kick serve was the top spin serve. So, unlike AO, the A button is the only one that’s active when serving (apart from the triggers)?

It looks like in the tutorials, you have to go though the ground stroke tutorials to get to the serve tutorial. I think it would be useful to be able to direct to the serve tutorial for players who want to go back and practice their serves later without going through the other tutorials.

In that sequence, Y is also active for the underarm serve for those who want that extra bit of gameplay choice.

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Ha! I don’t think I’ll ever use that but thanks anyway :grin:

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I haven’t seen any apology gestures when a player hits a net cord short that lands on the opponents side. That should be there.

Please go on Youtube and type in “Tiebreak tennis gameplay early access” from Ricardo DeCosta and go to 08:18 in timestamp where Kyrgios should finish off a simple volley.

You need to fix this. Your volley movements and transitions are very weak since AO1. This shot doesn’t exist in tennis, it’s a simple knee bend volley into the open court. Please learn from the TopSpin engines on how to approach the net (transition from baseline to service line) and actually introduce proper volleys in your game.

Another key element is 2:50-2:52 where Medvedev doesn’t have a proper split step and just sprints/levitates for a few seconds. The way these players move at times is not fluid and players always move back to the middle of the baseline. It’s choppy, please fix this.

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Hi! I’ve been playing the game and I have to say it’s fun to play. That’s a good thing.
It feels quite responsing so that’s good to considering the previous games and the addition of the preparation with the sticks it’s was a smart decision!.

I’m looking for a simulation tennis game so my comments are going to be on that direction:

There is an improvement in terms of animations but still you can feel a lack of that ones, specially during transitions in a rally.

There are a lot of balls that touches the net and pass through the other side. Way to much of this ones. (The player don’t apologize when this happens)

The ball never goes out through the side of the court and almost never through the bottom of the court. The balls stays on the net the most of the times.

The speed of the serves are 242 km/h (which is very rare) but you can’t feel that speed. Even WTA players serve with this speed and that is unreal.

The IA never misses any shots. At least in hard difficulty (this is a central point for me)

The IA reaches all the balls during the rallies. It’s pretty hard to hit a winner and when you hit one it’s because the IA moves weird.

I have a bug with the scoreboard when you change sides. It looks without any color.

The players tends to move forward so it’s hard to keep a rally at the bottom of the court. The player goes forward and hit the ball when its too close so the most of the times the shot stays in the net.

I have some suggestions:

What about giving the players more wieght when you move them? I feel they are too fast when they run. With this, maybe you can slow the phase a little to compense.
I would like to feel the power of a strong shot. Now there is something like that but the rival is too fast and you can’t feel it. Everything happens very quickly.

What about include an animation when the player (IA or PJ) doesn’t reach the ball. I mean something like runs toward the ball but start stopping when is not reaching it.
Right now is like the player it’s looking for a proper animation to hit the ball but it’s too far so he remain walking around the court without knowing what to do.

Thank you for reading it. I like the game so far and I hope this would help to improve it.

Regards from Argentina

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My apologies. My post yesterday (Jan 18) about the serve tutorial not being directly accessible is complete nonsense. I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote it.

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There is no explanation that I can find that says what the shot modifier (LB button) does.

This is something I brought up with the team as a few have asked about this. The modifier at this moment will be to trigger drop shots.

Okay, thanks. I’ll try it.

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Okay, It works.

Are there plans for practice modes against ball machine or human, to practice shots?

A free practice type mode is something that is certainly planned for one of the updates, we haven’t decided exactly when. Do you think this will be beneficial to get some practise in sooner rather than later? I can certainly pass that along to the team to see what can be moved around!

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Yes, I think sooner rather than later would be beneficial.

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Hello here my first feedback for this early access. It was translate from French :man_shrugging:t3:

  • Signature moves: They must be present. Not only at the final release but as soon as possible for players already present. This changes the immersion a lot and the fact that it is not present gives a bad image of the game.
  • How useful are triggers for travel? Players have to move like this automatically, that’s too many keys to use. They should be used for forehand offset for example. Please DELETE this.
  • You need absolutely to adds decisive shots. It is complicated to score winning points. The exchanges are too far away most of the time.
  • Why have to pull a trigger to change the serving style? The flat, slice and lift buttons are easier to use.
  • The services are not decisive enough. We need more impact with aces, winning services and also returns to the center of the court at mid-height and the server will finish with a volley or a winning shot.
  • Volleys are not well managed. I have the impression that the animations are present but that 90% of the time the players at the net want to hit the ball. They must either be placed or supported. For example placed with the slice button or pressed with the flat blow button.
  • Why is timing and placement not the focus of gameplay but rather the power of the strike?
  • The ball should be hit more often at the top of the bounce. That’s why there are lots of nets. The player must position himself better even if it means having a little more assistance.
  • The slices are not fast enough.
  • Some two-handed backhands end up one-handed. For what?
  • Why is there so much net?
  • When the AI ​​overruns us, it always puts the ball back on the player. She must either go in the opposite direction or do a real counterattack.
  • AI does not come up on the net.
  • For the ball to pass the net more often, you must press the stick upwards and in one direction. The ball must go to the same place with only one direction selected. You need to make the game more accessible.
  • I saw a player who was coming for a drop shot cross the net.
  • The animations on the drop shots must end either in a counter drop shot, in a cross shot drop shot or in a long ball.
  • Shadows are not present in all stadiums and sometimes when serving, the shadow of the ball is alone, without the arm next to it.
  • No ball boys and linesmen.
  • No display of service speed.
  • Possibility of adding an option to save and share replays.
  • You have to remove the zoom from the service, it doesn’t help anything.
  • Add player records to player sheets that appear before matches
  • Logos are missing on tennis bags
  • Maybe it’s just me but I feel like the size of the rackets in the cutscenes is poorly proportioned.
  • The AI ​​must stop underarm serves when the player is far away to return.
  • The return position must be saved and must be different between the 1st and 2nd service.
  • Add an animation to apologize when making a net.
  • Add a touch to make drop shots.
  • On Tennis World Tour the shots were on the lines, here it is not possible to touch them.
  • On one volley the ball passed by the AI ​​without him moving.
  • Difficulty catching the ball once lobbed. Animations need to be added.
  • Why, on the first serve of the match, can we not place ourselves in the center without having previously been on the right with the server?
  • On short balls, if you want to make a short cross ball, it necessarily goes into the net.
  • When going up to the net, we should have the choice of either volleying or letting it bounce and hitting it at the top of the rebound with a decisive strike. And on the other side the AI ​​must also adapt with either a high delivery ball as it can, or attempt a passing pass.
  • The AI ​​seems to almost never make mistakes
  • Slice goes out at each time we push a direction on exterior
  • Add entry cinematic
  • On the statistics it is displayed services at more than 240 km/h
  • Not possible to make an error on serve on the sides even with pushing the direction at maximum

Totally agree with the most of the points!

I still think that the preparation buttons are right. It give something more to the gameplay.

I can confirm that the game is really fun to play

Buuut, something That’s been happening to me is that the rallies are longing between 30 and 45 shots average. The IA Reaches all the balls and never miss any (I’m playing on hard or expert difficulty) so I don’t have a lot of option to win the point. The most of the times the points ends when I miss a shot or I Hit a winner (after a long long rally). I think this is a crucial point for the gameplay

I will share stats during a set playing in expert difficulty:

Medvedev (me) vs De Minaur (IA) 7-6
Unforced errors: 34 vs 15 (the IA only misses shots when approach to the net. Never during a rally)
Winners: 29 vs 6

There are more things to improve of course, but if you can solve that I think you have a great game on hands

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If we want the game to sell well, we have to make it more accessible. and seriously, using the triggers to prepare the gestures doesn’t add anything more. Besides, other games do not offer it. And even Top Spin 4 had assists for movement and gestures.
It’s good to make simulation game and not arcade but you don’t have to go to extremes.
I think you have to get the basics right first before trying new things.
Yes the rallies are too long. This shots which are better need to be more decisive.
Yes the game can be better with just 3/4 adjustments

I agree with comment above asking why the different serve types were moved from the buttons in AO to the trigger in this game. It’s not intuitive. Why was this changed?