Introducing an IPL Auction Game Mode in Cricket 24

I hope this post finds you all in good spirits and enjoying your Cricket 24 gaming experience. As an avid player and enthusiast of the IPL Edition, I’d like to propose an exciting idea that could elevate our gaming adventures to a whole new level - the introduction of an IPL Auction Game Mode.

Imagine being able to immerse ourselves in the strategic world of IPL auctions, where we, as players, can make critical decisions on team composition, bid for our favorite players, and strategically build our dream IPL squad. This addition could bring a fresh and dynamic dimension to Cricket 24, providing us with a unique and thrilling experience.

I believe that incorporating an IPL auction game mode could not only enhance the realism of the game but also add an extra layer of excitement and strategy to our matches. It’s an opportunity for us to test our skills not just on the field but also in the auction room, mirroring the captivating auctions we witness during the IPL season.

Let’s discuss the potential of this idea, share our thoughts, and collectively voice our support for the inclusion of an IPL Auction Game Mode in Cricket 24. How do you envision this feature? What strategies would you employ in the auction room? Share your insights, suggestions, and excitement about the prospect of this new game mode!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and making Cricket 24 even more thrilling!


Awesome idea!! I think there might already be some form of auction within the career mode but I could be wrong.

A manger mode though for future games could be a cool addition.

Yes, if they could add auction mode and manager mode where you are able to buy and organise teams based on your strategy, that would really be a great idea.