Is Bigants Left The Game

Bigants Give last patch in October 23.and now last day FEB 24. No information form Bigants for next patch game have alots of bugs and glitches specially Defense and sweep shot. Plzz Bigants i give you around 15000 PKR For this Glitches and bugs.if you says you give license its not a big deal Community people make much better faces and jersey.Do plzz Make gameplay smooth and remove all bugs and Glitches.

the last patch was not Oct, they regularly updated & the last patch was 19th Jan

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Its good to ask for updates but atleast one has to be updated as well the last patch was 19th Jan 2024 also they did not say it anywhere that they left the game updates will come have lil patience and see the magic devs doing from the time of its launch to now…

we should respect their hard work as well apart from criticizing em all the time.

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