It's coming out?!? Okay. (2)

So we all know RUGBY 24 is getting released sooner or later. What I want to know is how many sales did the last edition of the franchise reach? and how many sales do Rugby 24 expect?

Console figures aren’t available but heres what i found for steam

14 active players (30 min ago)

43active players (24h peak)

74.9% positive reviews

$298kgross revenue

11,580 units sold

13.2 hours avg play time

4.1 hours median play time

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What is encouraging is that Afl 23, big ants closest recent game seems to have sold almost as well as rugby 22 even though its been out for much less time and (i assume?) AFL has a smaller global fanbase than rugby union. So i think if rugby 24 is of decent quality then it should do much better than rugby 22, but take all this with a grain of salt. I should add that i think big ants games are much better quality than ekos anyways

45 active players (32 min ago)

57 active players (24h peak)

43.9% positive reviews

$520k gross revenue

10,860 units sold

23.7 hours avg play time

10.8 hours median play time

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Interesting stats. Thanks sharing.

What’s the stats for cricket 24? I did a quick search couldn’t find, I also don’t know where to look lol.

I downloaded cricket 24 on through the PS plus extra (made available last week), I’m not a big cricket fan, but I’m enjoying it. I’d imagine they achieved sales targets for it to be made free to PS plus extra subscribers.

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Cricket 24 is showing as

311 active players (71 min ago)

456 active players (24h peak)

74.9% positive reviews

$934k gross revenue

26,190 units sold

40.1 hours avg play time

24.3 hours median play time