Keeper career mode - no active keeping!

I decided to start a new career and opted for keeper - as opposed to my usual all rounder. The issue I have come across is that I only take part in batting. When my side fields (and I have checked that I am the designated keeper) the opposition’s innings autoplays and I can see that my player has taken catches. I have the option to jump to career player only unchecked and have fielding on full manual.
I was expecting that the game would drop me into an innings when I had to attempt a catch or similar, but clearly not.
Is there a facility to play as a keeper career and get to do some keeping (without having to play games as the whole of your team team)? If so, what options need selecting? If this isn’t available it does raise the question of why you would have keeper available as a career option when you just end up being an active batter and a simulated keeper.

Thanks for any advice available!