Keyboard control layout in cricket 24

Now a days many players play fps titles in keyboard. If the control layout for cricket 24 integrate keyboard and mouse many players will be benefited. The layout is like this–

Left click/down arrow key/ num pad 2 - attack,

Right click / left arrow key/ numpad 4 - defensive shot,

Mouse /wasd keys for dirction,

L shift- front foot,

L ctrl - backfoot,

L alt + left click - normal sweep ,

L alt + right click - lofted sweep

L alt+shift+ lmb - Reverse sweep

Q/ scroll up - move batsman left,

E/ scroll down - move batsman right,

Scroll wheel click/right arrow key / numpad 8 - leave the ball,

Right click/ up arrow key - for run,

Tab+ left click/ rigt arrow key - lofted shot.

                     Now many of you remember that this controls is similar to ashes cricket 2009 and Brian Lara cricket 2007. And yes they are with some changes . Also it is quite amazing that in 2007 codemaster integrated mouse and the buttons are mostly similar for a gamer who play fps games. Recent title cricket 22 they added keyboard but it has some restriction but now if they add mouse then you can play 360 degree with mouse alone like I have said above. Bowling and fielding control will be given although I think I am late for proposing this idea because the game is coming in September.