Make 24 like 19 with latest updates!

hi team your cricket 19 for me is more realistic and fun to play as your game 22 orr 23 i dont like the graphics the players are too tall too so if u can make cricket 19 with all the updates of 24 that would be fantastic.

Not agree, In Cricket 19 player models are like 10 year old kids. We all requested to make player models better life like so cricket 22 done beautifully in that aspect.

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Also cricket 19 is very easy…and it looks really bad…infact colour scheme was best in ashes 17

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The heads were too big in 19. It was like playing with bobbleheads. 22 was just fine


It’s best if they would just make a fresh design to the game and not using any bad/slow animations from their previous games. Considering they are going to use a new Engine, hope it will be better than all of their older projects.