Make RUCKS fast like Jonah Lomu Rugby please

Watching videos of the pre release, I notice how slow the rucks are (seems to be a problem with most rugby video games) when in real rugby it’s all about getting quick ruck ball so if you have momentum you get the ball out of the ruck almost immediately.

The current Rugby 25 has terrible rucks. As soon as a plyer is tackled, the other players just stop and stand still for a few seconds before the animation finally kicks in and they decide to join the ruck. This is terrible.

Please just make the rucks fast and simple like Jonah Lomu Rugby did on the Playstation 1 over 20 years ago. The rucks in JLR were fantastic. You simply help the button “add players to ruck” or “remove players from ruck” or you could just manually run a player into a ruck and direct him into it at speed to help push the players back in the ruck. There was a risk factor because if you added too many players your defence line in the backs would have holes but if you didn’t add many players to the ruck you likely wouldn’t win possession and if your player got isolated you would more than likely lose the ruck anyway. It made rucks tactical, not just random.


you should try rugby champions. Very similar, except you cant remove players from the ruck (so you cant cheat rucks like in jonah lomu :wink: ), momentum of play and tackle has huge impact on breakdowns and turnovers, attacks gaining line of advantage only lose the ball if support if too far… the more you play it, the more real it feels

Thanks I’ll check it out

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So I’ve just watched a video with footage of the new patch for Rugby 25 where they have speeded up the animation adding players to the rucks. That’s a good start well done Big Ant. However, the scrum half still takes forever to get the ball out of the ruck. I guess this is because they are using animations from their rugby league game. In League the game stops every time a player is tackled, but in union it’s all about fast ball and the scrum half passing it out of the ruck as soon as possible. Please Big Ant speed up the scrum half getting the ball out. If your team wins possession quickly you should be able to get it out immediately most of the time, just like in real rugby. Thanks. Looking forward to you improving this most important aspect of the game.


Another problem I’ve noticed is that the scrum half number 9 is not the player passing the ball out of most of the rucks from what I’ve seen. The 9 should almost always be the player passing the ball out of the rucks


Rugby Champions is easily the best rugby game I’ve played. If it was available for Xbox I’d be sorted


Yes it definetely IS the Goat of Rugby vidéo games. A 2019 vidéo game without licences, no Photometry and old school graphics , but it sure has the best gameplay ans gameflow. Once you get used to the controls you Can really appreciate how well rugby IS simulated and how deep the gameplay actually IS (when passing the ball from the Ruck, try to sprint before passing… The runner will run to the ball and attack the Line. Dont sprint during the pass, the runner will catch the ball far from défense and you Can set your attack easily). Wish rugby 25 was Closer to rugby champions 2, cause all it needed was more content, licences, and online mode, but gameplay would be almost perfect !!

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I think the rucks in R22 are the current best. You have full control on the speed and the intensity you want in there to decide wether you just keep it steady or yiu make it smooth and quick up the attacking play.

Rugby 22 is the GOAT period


nope, it’s clearly not a good rugby game mate. I believe we all expect better.


its the goat of being the worst rugby game of all time


Yes, I agree that rucks need to be quick. I don’t want mini-game or button mashing to determine who wins the ruck like in previous rugby games.

I never played Jonah Lomu rugby but that system sounds better. My idea of a good ruck system would be a button like B to add a player, which would do an animation of a player going to clean, and depending on ruck stats the player would be able to clean and secure the ball, especially if you have momentum, double tapping B adds the 2 closest players so that would also generate quick ball.

But if you have a defending player with good jackal skills you might need 2 players to clean or if they’re that good he wins the ball(which would be a button if you are defending). That’s where you can also add ref calls like ‘release’ and penalties being generated, like bad clean outs, side entries, etc if the player has bad stats/form/momentum which would be animations.

The other buttons can be used to remove players from rucks, prepare for box kicks like creating the worm, or secure the ball. That is just my 2 cents.

I reckon they need the Rugby 22 rucks back

No game on this planet needs rugby 22 rucks.


That sort of sounds like Rugby Challenge 3:) and I mean 3 not 4, on 4 they dumbed down the rucks by limiting to 3. If you put the sliders in correct setting the game plays great, quick bind and heavy bind is great way to establish who is going into the ruck, heavy if your forwards are too far away the better rucking player can’t get to the ruck, but then you can also change the forwards pods and aggressiveness going into the ruck. It’s a pretty good system. Just needed a little more polishing and more infractions other than hands in the ruck and holding on.