Make the game harder at the highest difficulty!

Big Ant please, this should be a top priority for you. The game must be very challenging at the highest difficulty and not being so easy to beat the AI. This must be improved for the final release, it was the biggest problem with AO Tennis 2 and now it seems Tiebreak has it as well.


they needs to add an AIM slider like on AO 2 because the issue is that its to easy to hit nearly impossible angle that should be fouls more often

I prefer the cpu behaviour now rather than the EA5 that it was impossible to hit a winner and every rally lasted for 60 shots. At least now i can surprise the cpu with good shots.
Yes the cpu at expert is easily beatable but i think they have to make our shots more difficult to aim because i think we can hit impossible angles too easily and also our players movement with LT+RT is still to fast.
Gameplay is really improved and i’m really enjoying it, i think that this game can express itself in the best way in the online matches.


Yeah difficulty levels on expert is way too easy the AI make too many mistakes and no more making difficult to hit shots because remember it’s gotta feel fun aswell.

Like i said on my feedback with 2 videos linked, the problem now is the Ai never agressive, they never do wining shot with power. Sinner always lift and never flat shot.

If they fix that, it will be awesome. Because they fixes the probleme on EA5, Ai was on all balls, now its good. We can do wining shot under 4 rally.

But the Ai need to do same thing. I hope they will do that.


I agree. As The best solution seems to add sliders like in Full Ace Tennis for set up best personal experience. Otherwise casual players would still complain about too difficult gameplay and in oppose hardcore tennis games players would complain that is too easy. Another solution is to add next one the hardest difficulty.
All in all, game must be challenging!