Make the game playable offline

Can the game only be played online? If the developers will shut down the servers and nobody will be able to play it anymore since it requires an internet connection?

Make the game playable offline. You can’t even play an exhibition without being connected.



It can’t be that hard to let players with rough/no connection play offline modes surely?

Then there’s the steam deck/ally/legion go etc players that more than likely won’t have a connection with everywhere it goes with them. Not much point of being steam deck verified if they can’t access the game to begin with.

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I would like to say that I agree with allowing people to play offline, and I have a good reason for that.

I recently opened a ticket about a bug that corrupted my save files, and the support requested that I upload the save files to them the next time I open the game. Unfortunately this request causes my game to crash and as such it is completely unplayable until support removes the request. Hopefully this can be done quickly so I can enjoy the game this weekend, but if I were able to play the game offline this would never have been an issue. As such I’m at their complete mercy and we will see if I miss a week of playing due to this bug (I’m usually too busy to play during the week).

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