Management career not saving

Hey guys,

I don’t know if this issue happens with all teams, but whilst playing management mode with North Melbourne the game never saves after playing a game. If I play a game and then leave after the game, the game does not save and reverts back to where it was. One example is, I just played a game against Carlton, then Brisbane and after I had left the game and came back to the game an hour later, the save was before the Carlton game.

This issue is getting frustrating because even after deleting career and starting a new one, it continues to happen. It’s almost getting to the point of unplayable since there is no save game function and I am losing any progress I make.

Only thing I can think of is deleting and re-installing. What are you playing on? I haven’t had that issue on ps4. Another thing is (don’t know why it would matter) do you have heaps of different saved management careers? Perhaps it’s not allowing it to save.

Sounds stupid I know but there’s tons of bugs that people still haven’t found yet

Make sure to put in a ticket to the support team with as many details as possible so they can look at what may be happening.

Deleted the game, reinstalled, verified game, deleted game save and nope, only have the 1 management career save. I tried a career as Carlton and the issue didn’t happen, only seems to be happening as North Melbourne.