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My 2023 Brisbane Lions premiership team

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Did your ruckman win the Brownlow?

I haven’t had much luck with any of my players winning the brownlow sadly. Haven’t had any players in the top 20 for it. Occasionally the rucks I use get a few goals but they are mostly good for slapping the ball out of the centre.

I’m really hoping that the career stats are tweaked. I hate when I draft someone and they apparently already have 43 career games.

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Yeah that’s absolutely true. Personally I’ve noticed that management mode has also broken the auto exchange for me. Some of the stats are frozen or don’t exist. I recruited Zak Butters from Port and it says he hasn’t played any career games

While we all twiddle our thumbs waiting for Pro Team, at least we know it’s coming.

Management Mode has been broken since launch and the silence from Big Ant has been deafening.


Went head to head with Carlton in the 2025 grand final and it was absolutely close but my Brizzy forward line fired around 8 goals in the 2nd half but it was the fiercest match I’ve played and the ai were absolutely brilliant.

What settings do you play with, I can’t help but win by 100 points against almost all teams with dockers using rookie plays with low ratings. I’ve tried hardest difficulty and I’ve tried playing around with the sliders, just can’t get it right

Message above was supposed to reply to you, idk why it didn’t

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In the 2025 season (I’m now in the 2026 season) the Hawks gave me a huge challenge and it was perfect. The wind really made the set shots on goal a challenge but the small forwards earned their salaries.

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Some off season changes to my Lions lineup for the 2026 season

Won my first premiership with the Eagles
(1 premiership with Eagles. 7 premierships with Lions. 3 premierships with Power)

Some changes to my lineup in the trade period after the GF loss to Collingwood in 2027

do you use sliders???

Yeah absolutely. I’ve been experimenting with several different versions of sliders to make it as realistic, but still having trouble with the ai team keeping kicking out in the full from the wind :wink:

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have u finalised the sliders, really needing some new ones