Management style career mode

Since the ground work has already been done for player career mode so why not slightly update it more and give us an option to manage a whole team instead of single player, further additions will be players contracts , development, training and retirement which is somewhat already in the player career mode , the only thing which will need to be add is the players rankings and team rankings ,
How many guys wants a management style career mode? Post here

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You start with managing club and if you perform well you get the opportunity to manage FC team and then international team with the objective of winning the world cup, sounds like a good alternative mode to career mode which is restricted to one player only

The game AI players generation should be look in to at , there shall be very few genuine fast bowling allrounders and very genuine fast bowlers as well, player development needs to be look in to at as well it is currently very flawed

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Also please give us sliders to tweak simulations scores of all matches in career mode (including AI vs AI) , things like run score slider , wicket fallen slider for T20 OD and FC will solve all the problem of unrealistic scoreboards produced in career mode