Marketing for this game?

As a sport fan. I am very disappointed about the marketing of this game. Rugby union needs a great game and people are very hyped about Rugby 24. It is sad to me that the game releases is just two and n half weeks away and there is no news. No screenshots or gameplay. If the community is updated we wil be happy. I hears many people is losing hype for this game and also not many no about the game ,because marketing is not good at all. Al games that is successful has good marketing.

Definitely something to consider for the future.
That way sport games does not make they sales targets ,because of bad marketing. Thanks


I also agree, so hyped for it. But I have a feeling we are going to get bad news that it is delayed. They really missed a golden opportunity to promote the game now while the hype is building for the World Cup.


Hopefully we’ll see something at gamescom this week fingers crossed


It’s a Real shame 3weeks before RWC !!
No news but post every day about cricket 24 on X…and it’s release in 50days …

Does rugby 24 canceled or what ?

How Can be hype ? People want play rugby during WC …


I know right, if its delayed or cancelled just let the fanbase know. Any answer is good publicity at this point, it seems like everybody at big ant is held ransom to not give away any information. Either Big ant or Nacon are keeping it under wraps


Yeah it seems like big ant arent allowed to comment until nacon have announced something. Hoping to hear something this week from gamescom, but surely they wont be announcing its still being released 7th September with less than 2 weeks marketing :joy:


They have no game buddy …prepare you to a rugby 2022.1 release in winter 2024

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Where’s your info from

Gamescom insider meet dev at gamescom

Ouch. Not the type of news we expected.