Medium Difficulty

Does anyone else notice a huge difference between Easy and Medium difficulty?

Marks in Easy are way too easy, and then in Medium I rarely get them.

I noticed that initially going from medium to hard, but once I played a bit more and got a better understanding of when to press the button etc it got easier.

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Yeah, I just went up to Hard and was a bit more calculated when pressing to mark and it was a lot better actually. I guess Easy really makes marking that much easier.

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Iā€™m on Medium, but find it hard to beat a better ranked team ,Not ready for Hard setting yet,

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Yeah easiest and easy are good practise levels. Medium is a bit harder and you have to learn your timings with marking and everything else. Hard is then obviously more of a challenge than that. Once you get your timings down its alot easier


Think another factor is getting used to the pace of the Game, overall love it