More licenses teams please

We need more licenses teams

nah we just need a good game with a fanhub and mods. they need to focus on the gameplay rather than trying to get face scans and licenses


We need both i cant stand playing with genric games it just stupid

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I agree a fully licensed title would be brilliant. Rugby Union as a game could benefit from having a quality video game of the sport. People who have never seen rugby may pick it up and play it, those physically unable to play the game get to use it. 2k basketball, EA football, Nacon rugby. Dreams are free ha ha.

All of Big Ant’s sports games have a community creation hub were people will upload some very good teams, kits, faces etc. pretty much indistinguishable from the ones that will launch with the game. I would much rather Big Ant focused on gameplay and got it right.

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While I agree with you on the creation hub 100% and use it myself, there is no substitute for a licensed edition. By no means do I expect it, especially not the first iteration of the title involving Big Ant … but even you have to admit, it would be nice.

Now if the argument was would you want a fully licensed edition, but with no ability to Mod OR a partially licensed edition with creation HUB. I would definitely choose the creation Hub version.

This would of been huge for cricket 24 because modders make them just as good if not better.

Please add real faces of pakistan cricket team.
They are totally wrong