Movement Problem: Remove LT+RT Sprint

Been loving the game and playing alot, even advocating for it in various forums, yet when people see gameplay.

It’s people literally running in complete circles at full speed with the LT + RT run.

I myself have been lauding the movment not being so bad bc I only use the Left and Right single prep shot options. Using those exclusively when I change direction. Momentum is conserved, and overall the running and movement looks 100x better than the LT+RT running. The running animations look awful for the full sprint, but actually look solid with the single prep shot running.

I have also noticed the LT+RT running is way too fast. The speed you run with the single prep shot Triggers is much better.

GET RID OF THE LT+RT sprint!!! Make gamers pick a side, and even on balls behind. Using one or the other to go track a ball will be good bc it will be a skill to pick FH or BH to get to a ball.

Only issue now. When using LT to get to a ball, at times it can be clipping when u start moving left, then veer back right to go right with RT where your legs do a 360 of sorts to let you sprint right.


The problem is the base gameplay was not made to be play without the full sprint because to get to ball near the net or get to ball on baseline on time when u are lobbed at the net is impossible without sprinting. But I fully agree that the sprinting animation looks horrible and they move way too fast


Well i think the 2 prep shot triggers should just be for sprinting tbh.

Maybe speed up those animations a tad bit, and remove the scramble lt+rt sprint.

Its truly making the movemement look way worse than it is. Its the first thing new fans to the game point out. Is why do they look like that when they run.

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in my opinion, the ideal is a LT to prepare the right shot OR the left shot, and RT to go quickly to the net.

It is too complex for people to synchronize Joy +LT to left prepare or joy+RT for Right prepare.

Please simplify the command


I like the LT and RT to sprint is fine imo you need the extra speed to hit the inside out shots plus lobs and drop shots.