My Career mode - BUG

I started my career mode although my player got injured, I am unable to simulate the match to play the game, any idea on how to simulate the matches so I can continue my career? yes I have pressed Y on my xbox controller to try simulate, I’ve tried disabling the forward to career player in settings as well but nothing happens, after pressing simulate (Y on the controller) it makes a noise to acknowledge the function though nothing happens? I suspect a glitch


Same happened to my career game. Not able to simulate when not selected and game now stuck

Ditto… just have to wait for the first patch as I think they have not even released a Day One patch for XBox. From the Cricket 22 experience, it will take ages for the first patch to come out as Microsoft works US time BigAnt works Aus time and BigAnt complain about Microsoft going through rigorous checks (which they should rightfully do as customers are paying for these) and BigAnt keeps failing checks as their moto seems to just make a game with minimum testing and resolve bugs after things go live

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Still happening on the 9th October. only 9 matches into the career mode.

So I’m not alone on this issue then. That’s a comfort at least.

BigAnt is making fools of us. What a useless game. They don’t care

Yep same has happened to me my player was no selected but it will not let me sim the game

I flagged this up to them and they have told me it’s fixed in the patch that’s apparently coming whenever Xbox verify it.

Not sure why that is taking so long tho.