Nacon Connect (29/2/24)

So it appears as if Tiebreak will be shown at tomorrow’s event. Hopefully we get a proper trailer and a firm release date.

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Didn’t understand what do you mean will be shown at tomorrow’s event? Isn’t the game released in Early Access Stage ?!

It still hasn’t had a proper trailer, release date, or information beyond the early access. The game is also nearing the next early access phase two- which could be part of today’s news.

Ohhh Ok…but someone’s from the bigant staff said that an update at the end of this month will happen and it’s gonna be the biggest update to date with new, players and gameplay improvements l, but until now there is nothing regarding this update!!!

Yeah they did say it should this month but the only was that is possible now is if they release later today, the game really needs this next update so i do hope try and release as quick as possible

But the gameplay is so boring and nowhere near Top Spin 4… If i say it will be a good game after several updates i am gonna lie on my self and on you guys… The Only available option is to only wait for Top Spin 2K25…sorry but this is the reality even if it is harsh…

im confused lol i was agreeing with you and stating it needs updating ?

Topspin 4 is good but not amazing also every player had the same animations same for serves, forehands, backhands and running there was only like 2 different animations but the game is very old tbf