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Dear @JNT_BA sir please look at this thread if 1 of them is posibble please try to make in cricket 24 ,

Creating new animations for batsmen celebrating their fifty or hundred and bowlers taking wickets , Here are some suggestions for these animations:

Batsman Celebrations:

  1. Helmet Raise: The batsman removes his helmet and raises it in celebration, acknowledging the crowd’s applause.
  2. Air Guitar: The batsman pretends his bat is a guitar and strums it while celebrating his fifty or hundred.
  3. Bowing to the Crowd: The batsman takes a bow to show gratitude to the spectators.
  4. Signature Move: Each batsman could have a unique celebration move, like a dance or a salute.

Bowler Wicket-Taking Celebrations:

  1. Aeroplane Run: The bowler runs with his arms outstretched like an airplane after taking a wicket.
  2. Warrior Stance: The bowler assumes a warrior stance and raises his arms in triumph after dismissing a batsman.
  3. Team High-Five: The bowler celebrates with his teammates by giving them high-fives and hugs.
  4. Hat-Trick Hat-Tip: If the bowler takes a hat-trick, he could tip an imaginary hat to the crowd as a sign of respect.
  5. Shushing the Crowd: The bowler raises a finger to his lips, hushing the crowd and silencing them after a crucial wicket.
  6. Kiss the Ball: The bowler kisses the ball before returning it to the fielding side, showing his affection for the cricket ball.

*For winning moment animations in Cricket 24

  1. Champagne Shower: Players from the winning team celebrate by spraying champagne over each other, a classic celebratory moment in cricket.
  2. Victory Lap: The winning team takes a lap around the stadium, high-fiving fans and acknowledging their support.
  3. Trophy Lift: The captain of the winning team lifts the championship trophy in the air as the team celebrates around them.
  4. Team Huddle: The winning team forms a tight circle, with players huddling together and sharing their excitement and joy.
  5. Thanking the Opponents: Players from the winning team shake hands with the opposing team, showing respect and sportsmanship.

Remember to make these animations dynamic and diverse to keep the gameplay engaging and authentic. Additionally, considering the cultural and individual differences of players in different teams and countries could add an extra layer of authenticity to these celebrations.


is anyone even watching these threads to take suggestions.
these are great suggestions!


I read everything on here.


Good morning sir :rofl::grin::joy:


Please consider these!

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These are no more no less just perfect suggestions and why excited to expect these as we have already seen these stunning celebrations in BAS game title Big Bash BOOM PC version :heart_eyes:
It just depends on Devs now how and when they can include these in Cricket 24 Now , which is so far the most licensed & authentic game from studios.
Kudos to @JNT_BA & team for interacting actively with the community and hopefully we will get these soon :crossed_fingers:

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