New ideas for march if I was big ant

1.Show the fans world cup trailer

  1. Show the be a pro career

  2. Gameplay video

My new ideas for them would be healthy meals in the lunch room. Good for energy levels :slightly_smiling_face:

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More Souvlaki perhaps…



But would be nice if we can get those 3 things before release date

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This is pretty far fetched and maybe something that could potentially work in the future.
Would like to see an Online “my pro” career where you play with other online players all in the same team. Against other multiplayer teams with everyone controlling the one player.
Whole bunch of divisions and leagues etc. Again its a bit far fetched…but 15 vs 15 would be crazy.


I mean, that sounds really fun and I like the idea. But wow, the games with random pick up groups would look more like a WWE game than a rugby game probably :rofl:

But if you had say registered serious players, that would be so much fun.

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Would be far better suited to 7s or 10s. Would be to much mayhem in 15s

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7s would definitely be the best to start at. On Rugby challenge 4 we have managed a few 4 on 4 games which was really cool. But yeah 15 would be hectic. I think if they did it in divisions and based on your skill set it could help. Even putting the right type of players together.

As i said before it is far fetched…but surely we are not far from it.

Interested to see if the Souvlaki idea was taken on by the BigAnt bigwigs …