New info in recent article from Nacon

Clément Nicolin, Nacon’s Product Manager gave some insights on what the company will focus on with Rugby 24 and explain why the game is delayed.

Mainly, the heavy content demands a very high photometry and Nacon has very high expectations about it. Also the collision system is the hardest part in the game as they want to make it as realistic as possible.

The article explains why it’s still hard to make a Rugby Game. Feel free to click the link below to take a look at it.

To find the article, just search on google BFM + Rugby + Clément Nicolin ( the forum doesn’t allow me to include links).


This is an interesting read and all very good, but why is it hidden in some random article on the internet, and not published through official channels by either Nacon or Big Ant???

Not sure why. It’s published on a very popular and mainstream website which is also a TV channel. I believe Clement was also interviewed there.

As Nacon is french, I believe they focus on french media. Also the Rugby24 part was into the whole conversation related to Rugby video games in general.

My point still stands though. Had it not been for you posting details of this article, none of the english speaking world, who are a pretty big market for rugby games (probably more of a market than France), and who don’t trawl french websites looking for information would be any the wiser. Nacon should be doing all they can to raise awareness of the game and keeping potential customers up to date, but instead are doing zero marketing!

I 100% agree with you. Dont want to be devil’s advocate here but I do think this is more of a contribution to a topic from Clement than a dedicated Nacon article.

Nacon did some Heinken cup posts early this year. They should be like dropping some pieces of info, some artwork, anything that would show a bit of progress. Even a picture with a guy on a computer would work.

I know BA reads this and it doesnt come as a surprise but communication is by far the worst ( we know its Nacon who’s fault it is )

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Thanks very much for sharing the article for us to find and read

That article is the same song and dance as usual from Nacon. Clement did the same thing for Tennis World Tour 2 prior to release- we learned from the last game”, “we are listening to the fans”, “we want to make the most authentic experience for the sport”, “we are taking our time to get it right”……and look how that turned out.

Between Big Ant’s unwillingness to get involved, Nacon’s poor marketing and their history of broken promises, I’m not encouraged. And the lack of clarity and communication does little to change that, which sucks as they are the only ones with the desire to give these sports a try.