New patch predictions

What are your expectations for the new patch

Hoping for but not limited to this patch:

  • More licensed gear - eg kookaburra gloves/pads

  • More forced squad rotation - injuries are very very rare. But even just situations where international players become unavailable. It would force players to utilise reserve players which I think adds to the realism.

  • More emphasis on form and/or stamina. For example if you’ve had a run or poor innings as a batsman, it becomes harder to time the ball and score boundaries etc.

Those are just a few on my wish list. I realise they’re not easy implementations but I’m secretly hopeful :blush:

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Acadamy sharing and downloading issue must be solved.


@JNT_BA @RossSymons FPS drops issue should be resolved especially for low end PC.

@JNT_BA @RossSymons broadcast dynamic camera lag issue must be resolved. Other cameras works well.