New Zealand C24 Licences


Just wondering what the story is with NZ licences. Will the proper kits be added for the teams (Super Smash, Plunket Shield and Ford Trophy for the men) and (Hallyburton Johnstone Shield and Super Smash for the women). Also will the names of the players be made correct along with stadiums being added?

im not sure about the other things but they should all be added and updated on thing i have heard from ross on twitter they will be adding NZ stadiums in the future

Hopefully they will update the kits/faces and stadiums - Did a bit of quick stadium maths and there are 18 licensed AUS stadiums, 8 licensed UK stadiums, 10 licensed IND stadiums and 7 licensed West Indies stadiums out of the “50” licensed stadiums Big Ant announced within Cricket 24 (gives us a total of 43 official licensed stadiums in Cricket 24) . So hopefully out of the remaining 7 stadiums left we get at least 3-4 NZ stadiums

your right 18 Aussie stadiums 8 English stadiums 7 west indies stadiums however they have licensed 7 Indian stadiums and there will be 8 next week they are adding Ahmedabad stadium next week Ross said. the other 3 stadiums Delhi park west oval and the other kolkata NOT EDEN GARDENS are not real stadiums they made up since Don Bradman cricket 14, soon they will be 41 Licensed stadiums When Ahmedabad gets added next week

Apologies - 41 licensed Cricket 24 stadiums

you havent done anything wrong no problem be good to have some NZ stadiums in the future