New Zealand Update?

Kia Ora team

I know I am going to sound like a broken record on this forum, but is there any info at all regarding a much-needed update about the Blackcaps (New Zealand)?.

I remember last year seeing a post on Twitter/X (I know not the most trustworthy place for game-related info) saying that New Zealand will be getting an update with better face scans, licensed stadiums and hopefully updated Kits. We are now nearing the end of Feb 2024 and yet we have seen no update towards the team whatsoever. With the team being ‘licensed’ surely that means that there is some sort of priority in updating the team’s players, kits, and stadiums??.

I mean I could say the same thing about the Super Smash being ‘licensed’ and yet we are stuck with default kits, fake roster, and no stadiums.

All I am trying to say is that there is some obvious frustration towards the radio silence from BA’s end of things, if there is no effort towards updating licensed teams then what is the point of having them in the game in the first place?

Let me leave this forum post with the games about info: Cricket 24 is the most complete video game simulation of cricket seen to date. Cricket 24: Building the most realistic cricket video game ever! :thinking:


I have been a big advocate for BA but I have to agree with you.

You can’t market the NZ teams as being licensed if the only thing properly licensed is the team emblem. It’s bad marketing and
not a true reflection of what we (the end user) actually get.

The kits are about 2 years old and to have no licensed grounds whatsoever is criminal, especially considering Australia have about a dozen, England, even India and Pakistan.

If the blackcaps are not going to be updated, then remove the license and allow us to download one of the many well designed rosters off the academy.


Agree 100%.

New Zealand is one of the best teams in the world.

As a work around why not unlock the ability to add custom slots to the licensed teams, at least that would fix the career mode.

Played multiple hours in career mode, finally got selected to play for a fake generic firebirds. Quit the mode - couldn’t believe it! the tournament is licensed yet the teams kits and squads are not.

Great game, but almost would rather not have licenses, as it limits the flexibility allowed in career to use community content.


I agree 100% one of the reasons why I have yet to start a player career mode is due to the unlicensed domestic teams

Can’t believe we got Pakistan and Indian licenses ahead of NZ…

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