Officially delayed to 30 January 2024, eve of 6 Nations

Probably because they were expansion teams that weren’t part of the original licensing agreement. Hopefully teams like the Drua and Moana Pasifika are included in the Super rugby licence, if they have got it!

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Direct from @RossSymons on twitter:

I can’t release license detail, that will come, but by the very numbers that have been put forward by @Nacon you can expect the greatest number of licenses ever seen in a Rugby video game to date, along with photogrammetry of the world’s best players.


Did this message come from Big Ant?

I don’t think I have EVER been so excited for a rugby game! I loved the mechanics of Rugby 22 compared to RC4. Graphics were a little substandard but with BigAnt on it now that should be heaps more polished. 130 National teams … Qualifying for the world cup with any of them. 15 Leagues, as well as undoubtedly the best creation options ever in a rugby game with BigAnt involved. Moe excited for this than I was for Starfield! Bring it on!


Some kind of road to the world cup mode would be pretty cool as well, if you could pick one of the smaller tier 2 nations and have to battle through the qualification stages/pools to get your place


Seeing as today is the date that the game should have been released, is there any additional information being shared today, to temper the massive disappointment we all feel???

3 months since the delay announcement, 2 months until release, and absolutely nothing since in terms of news, announcements or even a screenshot. Can we expect anything anytime soon? :pray::crossed_fingers:


I hate to say it but i feel like its going to be awful. AFL and cricket have not been received well, in addition to other Nacon published games. No shade on big ant but i think they’ve got too much on their plate and have beeen spread too thin, hopefully im proved wrong


Sounds familiar. Their Tiebreak game was announced in March, due in November and they haven’t said a word about it since. November ends in a day……this sort of stuff just shouldn’t be acceptable.

At least it looks like the cricket game has got significantly better since launch with the regular patches, which is very promising.

I’ve went back to playing RLL3 recently, and I still believe that game, and certain elements of RLL4 provide a really good base for this game. Guess we’ll find out in 2 months

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Yeah rll3 and rll4 were pretty good but i feel like were gonna get a horrible mashup of those games and the rugby series

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