One week to go!

One week to go and we dont evan know how the game looks🤣


No way it gets released in 2024.


You jest surely? This game is not coming out anytime soon.

At this point i just don’t care.
I’ll give my interestert again when something came out

It definitely, without a doubt gets released soon. If they were thinking there was even a possibility of it being a lengthy delay into 2025 for example, you don’t say we are pushing back until the 6 nations.

You would say nothing about a release and just say it’s delayed and you’ll get further updates soon.

Something good is on its way, maybe not January the 30th but definitely 2024.

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Yeah maybe June 2024 :joy: Rugby 24 release in June 24 featuring the 23 World Cup & already finished 6 nations lol

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I’d be fine with that. I don’t need it in time for any comp tbh. I just want a quality Rugby game.

I mean each to their own but I want it out already and if us as fans and consumers maintain a happy go lucky attitude then projects will never be released on time.

I’d accept a 6 month delay if we had weekly releases of information and regular communication from big ant about different aspects of the game.


It’ll be one of the wonders of the world if this released in next 6 months :roll_eyes:

Slightly dramatic? :rofl:

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3 month to go Steam and 9 month to go console :rofl:

9 months to console?

I guess what do you expect ?

Hard to say. Another couple of months as long as no new hurdles were met during that time?

Could be only 10 more teams to add or 50. But I don’t see it being later than June probably?

Anyone’s guess though. It could be that just a few of the bigger teams are not complete. Aka DuPonts face being broken ha ha.

Yes perhaps, bit frustrated waiting so long for a decent rugby game :sweat_smile: