Online matches (March patch)

Dear BigAnt you have ruined online play…

If you host a match on hardest (only difficulty tested so far) and bat first, the pitch length indicator and the pitch marker only appear when the ball if half way down the pitch, the batter has ZERO time to play a shot. The team batting second does not have this problem, the markers appear as they always have as the bowler is bowling the ball. Granted this has only been tested in 2 games so far, but we changed hosts to test and the same happened to both hosts… We have not tested yet what happens if the host chooses to bowl first.


My friend and I noticed this too. Playing on hardest. Though it moreso seems that the hardest difficulty only applies to the host and not the guest. The guest seemingly has a different (easier) difficulty to play on.

To reproduce
Setup Online game on hardest difficulty
Invite friend
Host’s batting and bowling will be very difficult
Guests batting and bowling will be akin to medium ai difficulty.

Please fix or give a workaround.

I can confirm this, but if you are the host and you choose to field first both sides batting is as it should be.

That’s odd. In our game host chose to field first and if still had the same issue

Another issue with choosing to field first, the spin bowlers cannot achieve a green circle for spin timing… if you save and exit and come back this is reset and so is the pitch marker etc, although it would appear that the difficulty becomes way easier, my online games on hardest, we are scoring far too many runs now all of a sudden.