Online Multiplayer Team Functionality in Future Circket installments

Dear Developers and Community Members,

I hop this message finds you well. I wanted to share my thoughts about the online gameplay experience in Cricket 22 and propose a new approach for future installments, specifically Cricket 24.

While Cricket 22 offers an enjoyable and immersive gaming experience, one aspect that tends to limit its long-term playability, particularly in online mode, is the necessity for a single player to control the entire team. As we know, the beauty of cricket lies in the collaborative effort of individual team members, each contributing to the match in their unique roles.

In light of this, I suggest introducing a feature in Cricket 24 that allows multiple online players to be part of the same team, maximum 11 in a single team, with each player assuming control over a specific set of players. If the players are less than 11 we can set some players to be AI. In this model, the beauty of Cricket’s teamwork could be better.

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Thats really a nice idea though its hard to co-op 11 players at each side at the same time (Total max 22 players ) network issues may upset, but exquisite idea it is like having community players we can arrange ask to get the online battle on :sunglasses:cheers @alok1607