Online Quick Match Feedback

So this is phase one of the online mode implementation, it will launch very soon on Steam. As with the other features we want lots of feedback on this. We’ve been playing with some friends around the world and we’ve been enjoying it so far.

If you get any errors or issues please let us know about it as soon as possible with as much detail as you can. If you have any issues as always our Tiebreak-specific suport portal is available at

We’re investigating an issue that is happening when connecting to an opponent with extremely high ping will cause the game to drop out.


I just played an online game (I play with steamdeck) and several times, it said that the ball was out (too far) whereas it was in the court. I heard my opponent who didnt understand why he won these points aswell instead of me.


hi can you add cross platform online

Tiebreak is currently only out on PC for early access.

As I can’t put a link I leave you the yt channel where I have uploaded an edit with the following things: @Gusbaldian

We are playing it with a friend and we are enjoying it a lot.
In general it works very well, it feels very fluid (I clarify that we are both in the same region).
We feel that the defensive shots are very high, they are balloon shots most of the time and that hinders a lot to the point that you are playing. It is true that in IRL playing tennis we sometimes defend as best we can those kind of balls, but very rarely do we try to play so high, not only because of the exigency of the position of the ball, but also because it would be making it easier for the opponent to get a shot.
Another thing that is rare and unfair is when the player teleports to a shot that would not arrive.
And finally a glitch and the bug that crashes the game, even sometimes it closes abruptly.

In the last few days we noticed that the online is not freezing, I do not know if there was a patch for this but it has not happened to me.
What still happens is that sometimes the game closes suddenly.
I think the online tournament mode is a good idea, having an event where players can play against each other is very entertaining. The only thing I would modify would be to make it best of 3 sets, only one set and 3 games I think it’s very unfair.

And I would like to have a gesture where I can congratulate the opponent and another where I can apologize, as it happens in tennis, be it for a great shot or if the ball hits the net and goes to the other side.

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