Online unplayable due to bad ping opponent

hi, look this video, I play Rublev and my opponent plays Medvedev, he has a ping between 350 and 450, it’s unplayable, I can’t even see where the ball is going, I’m forced to choose a side at random.

please add an internet connection filter when starting an online match

when i play with friends, all its fine, we have good internet connection, so no problem, but when my opponent have +300ms ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY CORRECTLY

thank you


I don’t know if big ant studio’s servers are the problem or just the opponent’s connection, but you absolutely must fix this problem by adding a filter.

because now i don’t feel like playing online and i can’t play against iA anymore because it’s become way too simple.

it’s urgent to fix these two problems


This is exactly what I experienced when I played against you the other times my friend! so you now understand my frustration?
It was unplayable (and I have between 35 and 40ms ping)

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So do you think its Big ants server the problem ?

When you played against me, do you remember my ping ?

I have very good internet, so if you tell me got +300ms, its anormal. I have always under 50ms

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Big Ant doesn’t have their own servers, it’s all P2P based on their games.

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Ok thanks, so in the example of my video it’s only the fault of my opponent’s bad connection.

In that case, I hope they’ll add the option of filtering by internet connection quality.

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Yeah like whenever I’ve played, it’s been quite bad, but I’m in Australia. So unless I play someone in Australia or a nearby country, the ping will always be super high.


Yeah I really hope Tiebreak does something to improve online lag. This is my expierence playing online everytime too

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that’s why I don’t play much anymore, either online (too much lag) or solo (become very easy since update 6).

i hope they will fix that in update 7 :pray:

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Hi dude,

I have also played vs this player (undisputedking101, and this is crapy, like your video, he had +300 ms ping, so the pb isn’t Big Ant ?!? but the pb is internet connection of this player

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Thank you very much for your feedback,

so yes, the problem was with his connection.

It was horrible :triumph:

I don’t want to play in those conditions any more :sweat_smile:

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I send you a steam invitation bro ! :wink: (for playing Tiebreak)