Open/closed BETA release

Will there be any kind of a beta release (either closed or open)?

I’m sure there are plenty of willing participants keen to ensure the game is as bug free and playable as possible on release.


Rugbg 20 did something similar and it was great

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Was thinking the exact same thing after the delay announcement (which I don’t mind truthfully).

Considering the delay (according to the statement) is due in part to team/tournament licensing and not getting 3D player capture data, it would be great to provide a Gameplay Demo - with 2 unnamed teams and anonymous players.

OR… release a demo with the 2 RWC Grand Final Teams. It would be a fantastic marketing move, without needing to give away much of the game and any complications with licensing.

Everyone can get a feel of the game, whilst we wait an additional 5 months.


That WC beta release would be a great idea to market the game. Unfortunately from what we have seen from Nacon so far, it doesn’t appear like marketing is their strong point so i won’t hold my breat!!!