Overthrows in cricket 24

Anyone else experiencing an insane amount of overthrows while bowling in career mode (or other game modes)


Yes, but only during close call. When you get prompt to select which end by pressing L1 or R1, if you press X then it will be an insane wide throw, but if you press O then it will hit the stump or the player standing on stump will collect it.

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Oh thanks, I’m not talking about throws made by me though. Talking about throws made by the AI when throwing an outfield ball back to the keeper or bowler. Way too often the AI throws to the center of the pitch, the game doesn’t allow you to catch the return, and it misses all the fielders and goes to the boundary. It gets very frustrating especially when it ruins your economy or you’re defending a total

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Yeah this happens quite often for me too. I switched from semi-assisted fielding to manual, hoping it would make a difference, but the bowler still automatically moves to the stumps and the ball goes wide of him for overthrows. Rather annoying. And I still haven’t been able to collect the ball at the bowler’s end and flick the bails off for a run out since C24 came out. In C19 you had the weird animation where the bowler ran away from the stumps to throw the ball for the run out. In C22 it worked 100% where you could collect the ball and flick the bails off for a run out, but in C24 you can only take the bails off when the batsman is safe in his crease. (Tickets raised as well)

But yes, back to your question, I also have multiple overthrows while bowling.

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Agree, Cricket 22 fielding is much better