Patch update news

Are you sure that the patch would be released today by 6 pm. If yes then revert by releasing the patch

Where is the patch was it supposed to be released now

It was supposed, so i guess either they delayed it to tomorrow else they got approval from the nation they were waiting for.
Hope the patch should contain good update regarding some gameplay improvements.

@JNT_BA surely the Shreyas Iyer, Jasprit Bumrah and Trent Boult updated faces are not the best versions…Has there been a mistake upload?

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@JNT_BA just need to confirm if the photogrammetry of new players/existing players are still not completely done. Not 1 but multiple scan faces are looking bad.
Please fix it asap. Harshit Rana playface is missing, bumrah face is not cleanly done, rishab pant face is badly done, shreyas iyer face is bloated, yashwasi jaiswal face is completely different, starc eyes are very big, ashwin face is not scanned one, boult face is also not the scanned one, chahal face is also not the scanned one, Jake fraser Mcgurk face is nicely done but the player rating is not properly done(Attacking is low). Please look into this issues.

Adding below question after reading the patch notes posted by @JNT_BA :
It is written that small number of players will be updated in future patches : Does that mean the players i have mentioned above will be updated in future patch?

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Wheres the gameplay changes your boss promised?

Where’s the updated kits for the rest of the licensed teams?

Why does Luke Wells still have hair?

Is the new patch available for PlayStation and XBOX