Pitch marker after multiple updates

Hey folks

Am starting a new topic on the pitch marker issue which has started since last couple of updates. I know there are few who play without pitch marker at all for them it’s not an issue. But there are genuine players like me who play with pitch marker in hardest difficulty and the late appearance of the marker due to recent updates has made the game unplayable as there is very less time to respond after we see the pitch marker.

I play on PS5 and use classic controls, it’s absolutely next to impossible to time the ball as the pitch marker is coming so late. Is it really possible to play with this setting? How are others playing? Are they playing blind or they got used to it?

It’s not possible for a human eye to respond so quickly after looked at the marker, only way is to guess play and you will stop enjoying the game once you start doing it.

Request the dev team to quickly act upon this as many core players like me who are playing the game since DBC is finding these changes unpleasant to play. Please do look into this. I have never been dissatisfied even during the unstable stage of the during early launch of Cric’24 but with the latest change I feel I will slowly stop playing this game owing to change in pitch marker appearance, it’s a core part of the game and without which you just can’t play.

Hoping for a positive response.

Same issue with me, I mostly play pre determine shots through covers or straight. There is no time to change the shot after seeing pitch marker, I go with the direction which I already decided, but due to this the gameplay is getting very boring. As a result I’m not playing the game after last update.
Dev team should reset the Pitch marker behaviour.

@JNT_BA @RossSymons please fix this issue.