Pitch Physics (Question)

Dear @JNT_BA ,
Do you have any information about whether or not the physics of every pitch type (and cracks) different or the same? Please answer.
And if not, then please work on having realistic changes in the way ball bounce and turn on different pitch surfaces.

  • The speed of the pace (slow, medium, fast) has to have impact on the physics as well.
  • Rain should cause the pitch to get wet and bring changes to the physics.
  • It should also impact on how well you could throw certain types of deliveries on different pitches
  • Also the timing and weather of the game (morning, evening, cloudy, sunny, overcast, etc.)
  • And also, please bring weather delays! (Rain interruption, Low light feature if possible, Player declaration as retired hurt, etc.)
    Hope someone will look at this answer.

Thank you and Good luck.

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please look into this @JNT_BA
rain delays,pitch wear really add to the game. we need it!!

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Only two colour types of pitches… brown and green no cracks on pitch… In test matches day 4 pitch looks like day one pitch

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Yes, I saw it too. There is no visual difference between Dry and Standard pitches as well.