Platforms Rugby 24 are available on

It’d be nice if Rugby 24 was being released on the Switch as well like other BigAnt Studios but it says it’ll only be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X so I can’t really see Big Ant Studios ever really making it available on the Switch. Your thoughts anyone?

We’ll be lucky if it releases on anything at this rate :joy:


Did Rugby 22 ever come out on the switch? I dont have a switch, but actually imagine it would be really fun for local multiplayer on that type of console. As long as the multiplayer held up.


Don’t believe so but Rugby Challenge 4 did and apparently it ran pretty poorly.

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lol true :joy: I don’t have my hopes up, I just thought because Cricket 22 and AO Tennis 2 were both released on switch that Rugby 24 would as well but we’ll see

I bought Rugby Challenge 4 for the switch, forgetting to check the licences for the teams and I expected the PRO14 to be licensed. Easy mistake to make I guess

There are some decent fanhub versions of most of the pro14 (of a few years back), im not sure if the switch version has the fanhub though