Please Bring Back Challenge System from AO Tennis 2 (or make it a feature we can turn on/off)

Is there no ability to challenge calls (like in AO Tennis 2). Even though Challenge system is going away in real-life tennis with the implementation of electronic line calling, I really liked this feature in AOTennis 2. It adds an additional layer of complexity and intrigue to the gameplay (assuming the Challenge system actually reverses calls every now and then in an unpredictable/realistic frequency). Can the Challenge System be brought back from AO Tennis 2???


I totally agree, but I’m pretty sure that developers intend to add this feature in following updates.

I’ll look at the roadmap tomorrow and see if it’s in there, if not, I’ll see what we can do.


This is not a must in the game tho (having challenge system) as this is not that important and i think can cause ai to make more mistakes which we do not want, want Ai on expert to be harder to beat

I didn’t really want to say it, because I like surprises, but it’s pretty obvious that we need it for the Novak Djokovic Slam Challenge… :wink:


When will that event be available?.

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