Please improve the online expierence

Recently I have tried the online mode, and it is really laggy. It’s these lag problems happen for whoever is receiving, while it is a bit smoother for the player whenever they are serving.

  • Sometimes you can’t see the ball or the ball lags out and starts moving again
  • The player sometimes stops moving as if the point is already won when the ball is still in play
  • Player movement is really laggy as well

These are problems that seem to be common for myself and the online opponent in quick match and custom matches, so online is almost unplayable rn. I hope they make online more smoother in a future update or the full release at least.

I’ve played with a friend for many hours and the only problems we had were the freezes and the game closing suddenly. Apart out of that we were always play well, I clarify we are in the same region.

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