[Please] My Wish list in detail for the futur update

Thank you for the improvements. Could you please forward my requests to the game services for future enhancements?

Regarding the service, the ball should visually appear much faster and bounce higher. The topspin and slice effects are not pronounced enough. Additionally, it should be possible to follow the net animation smoothly.

The serves of the star players do not resemble the real players closely enough. It would be beneficial to replicate the models from Tennis Elbow Tennis and request the stars to perform motion capture.

Regarding the shot animations, they are still not close enough to the strokes of professional players. The animations are too generic. It is ABSOLUTELY necessary to have motion capture performed by the players themselves.

Finally, the ball physics should visually show more effects at the bounce for topspin and slice, making the topspin bounce higher and the slice bounce lower and slower.

There are missing specific animations for drop shots and forehand adjustments.
On clay courts, the animation for sliding forward to reach a drop shot is missing.
The one-handed backhand animations are copied from previous games, which is not ideal. Wawrinka and Dimitrov must ABSOLUTELY have their unique animations for the one-handed backhand. Additionally, the animations for open stances with legs apart are missing.


Some points you made are good like net animation and sliding animation on clay but the point you made on slices and topspins bounces are wrong, slices are already too low and too slow making it too hard to even reach the ball and making topspins even higher would make it unrealistic(maybe you are talking on serves only then you’re right but slice serve are already effective if u aim the T). And I dont think they will do motion capture with 2 months left before release and wimbledon and the olympics incoming if they do it will be post-launch


I don’t think that’ll be cost effective for motion capture but i don’t see problem with them doing the animation’s themselves from watching the player’s from youtube and real life filming them.Plus something like this would be amazing if it could happen in the future.Also slice is abit slow i agree.

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I join I don’t know how he can’t get all the animation it’s very simple with youtube he can even call imitators there is so full and accessible he puts some animation after he puts all the same gestures to everyone I don’t know why it’s very simple though

it must use IA video tennis realit of professional stars . it the future
so i thing the lift should rebound more high in service ball and slice most razer net , but the power in service is to slow yet

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