Please release the game. Any updates

WHEN IS THE GAME RELEASING! Weve had no updates and its coming to the end of march!


The game does not possess the power to release itself. It will be needing to be released… :wink:

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Valuable insight there. Games are so lazy when left to their own devices.

Imagine if they announce it being released on April 1st and everyone just thinks its an April fools prank and doesnt take it seriously! :joy:


:rofl::rofl:…Another prank by the Real Ross

I would love a bit of an April fools prank to be honest ha ha.

Not sure it would go down so well with a large amount of the community though ha ha.

There is some sass in these forums at times.

Edit and Disclaimer: This GIF will attract the MOST Sassy of posters below.

Why cant Big Ant at least be direct and honest with us fans. Its now the end of March, and still no news as of yet. With Easter coming, it will be some time before we hear anything tangible. We have all been patient. Just be straight with us, and say ‘we have no idea how long it will take’, and I can live with that! Don’t make false promises and then keep moving the goal line. Radio Silence is not the answer, also why no game play videos to keep our interest? Its one of the worst game launches I’ve seen in years! We just need information!!!


I agree it’s the worst launch ever and I think we’re not ready to see the game…

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REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY … Do not release this game under any circumstances!