Possible delay to end of 2024

I searched casualy in hope of some information and unfortunatly i found one…
I hope it’s an error or whatever but…

And it’s not the only store with this date…

Oh, it is on 2 different sites … eek :face_with_peeking_eye: I don’t see though, how you could release a game licensed for the 2023 Rugby world cup in December 2024?

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What a dissapointment Big Ant !!! They don’t care about us rugby fans

Looks like placeholder dates. Most third party sites will use the last day of the year as a release date for any title that doesn’t have a proper release date.


Really hope so…
But i don’t have that kind of trust in those things :rofl: :pensive:

I’ve seen the date on Amazon UK is set to 31/12/2024 now all right - but only for the PS5 version. The PS4 and Xbox versions are now set to 31/12/2023, so hopefully these are only placeholders.

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So released date is on 31 this December.?

I doubt it very much, but it just shows how much confusion is out there about it.

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Just enquired in my local Smyths and they confused their date has changed from 30th January to 31.12.24. I asked why and they said due to lack of clarity of release based on lack on communication from developers.


Well, that is the best worst news we could expect to hear I think ha ha.

I do think clarity from the Developers would be nice and put specultions and rumers to bed, after all BA set this forum site up to get info about all games tbh

If there’s no announcement in the next week then we have to assume that either there’s going to be another delay, or the game is still in no fit state to be shown prior to release and they’ll be waiting till the last minute to show it.

Either way, it would be nice if someone from Big Ant or Nacon could confirm either way, and if Big Ant are just as frustrated with not being able to show their product as we are frustrated waiting on getting any further detail about the game!

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I’m pretty sure the hype train for Cricket 24 started about 2 weeks prior to the release of the game.
If this is anything to go off then there’s still about 3 weeks left before we hear anything.

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Rugby 22’s promo video came out exactly 2 weeks before release. So I would mark January 16th in your calanders.

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Might get early access release like Tiebreak is getting in 10 days… that has no media at all and the game is launching for PC.

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I hope this happens. Cannot wait any longer ha ha.

Well, I hate to even think it, but you would have to consider it is highly possible now that this title is going to again be delayed. 4pm in France. Same day as they released the video ahead of Rugby 22. Nothing. I like to think I am a optimistic person but …

I’m off to Rugby Champions to start updating all the squads :rofl:

I’m still of the belief that we won’t see anything till 26th/27th. 3 or 4 day build up to release similar to Cricket.

I really really really hope you are right.