Pro-team legends

When will more legends be announced? Hall of Fame is tonight.

Also was thinking it would be cool to have a records (games/goals) board in the Hall of Fame room in game.

I’m assuming more will be made known closer to Xbox release/xplay/when everyone’s on the same patch/build.

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Will Pro-team be subscription based? I heard rumors that’s how it will be. Does anyone know any more info if this is true?

Ross mentioned a while back that If you want to dump money into it you can but it’ll also be playable without having to use micro transactions.

FIFA ultimate team is exactly the same, I’ve never put a cent into it but I always seem to build a cracking team and do some damage und the weekend leagues. It’s all luck from the pack unlocks, I’ve pulled some good players, sold them and bought players that are just as good but might be a card down or so from a special one that’s been brought out but they have differing stats by like 1 or2 points.

If you’re not going to spend money on it you just need to be smart by the way you build your teams. Even saying that I’ve played with an almost basic team when I starting and I’ve beaten people with multi million dollar players. They buy all this crap but it still doesnt help if your crap :joy:

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Cheers for the info👍

No probs, I could be completely wrong maybe @RossSymons could confirm?

If they are creating it in the same way ultimate team is, it’ll have plenty of choice for the people that don’t want to put in money. I’ve played Ultimate team for years and always enjoyed it, bar this year for ps4 it’s literally copied and pasted for from last year, doesn’t seem like they are really putting in much effort for old/past gen whatever you want to call it.

I agree there with on what you have said.